About the Collection

I have been collecting British transfer-printed ceramics for 40 years. While all ceramic designs interest me, I chose to focus on patterns after the Chinese, often referred to as Chinoiserie.  This collection includes a wide variety of items made in different shapes and sizes and printed in one or more colors, or printed and painted in several colors. Most items were made to service the needs of 18th and 19th century households, whether for practical daily use or for decorative purposes. 

loren zeller
Chinoiserie: Printed British Ceramics in the Chinese Style, 1750-1900 by Richard Halliday, PhD and Loren L. Zeller, PhD. Gomer Press, 2018.

In 2018, I co-authored with Dr. Richard Halliday, Chinoiserie: Printed British Ceramics in the Chinese Style, 1750-1900. This 416-page hardcover book reviews the evolution of the Chinoiserie style in British ceramics and includes 1,450 color images illustrating the important role the style played in Great Britain’s ceramic industry. One full chapter is dedicated to development of copper-plate engraving and its key role in the evolution of transfer-printed designs. This book includes a well-organized and illustrated catalogue of over 340 pages containing a detailed discussion of patterns in a wide range of colors and shapes. The items featured were carefully selected from private and museum collections and are representative of many aspects of material culture in the late 18th through the 19th centuries. An important addition to the book is a review of over 60 original Chinese export porcelain designs that were creatively adapted by the British ceramic factories. Many of the items in my collection are included. You can purchase this book at https://chinoiseriebook.com/

On a regular basis, selected items from the exhibition gallery will be offered for sale. If you would like to be notified when new items are made available for purchase, please email me, Loren Zeller, at zellercollection@gmail.com and inform me of your interest. I will be pleased to add you to the list of interested buyers.

About items for sale: I have endeavored to accurately describe items made available for purchase. Please review any and all condition statements and all images so that you are fully aware of any potential condition factors and know if an item has been professionally restored. Blue printed items were produced with many different shades and tones. While I am not a professional photographer, I believe my images accurately present the items included in this gallery. Admittedly, it is sometimes challenging to accurately portray with images the many variations of blue as well as a given factory’s printing results. If you would like to purchase more than one item, please email me first with your selection and I will calculate the shipping fee for combined purchases. In some cases this may result in a reduction of overall shipping costs. Your purchase satisfaction is important to me. As such, If you are not completely satisfied and wish to return an item, please notify me within 5 days of the date you received it and you can return it. Return postage/shipping is the responsibility of the buyer as is the condition of the item shipped.