Commemorative Teapot, Buffalo

Item Number: T204
Shape Type: Commemorative, Teapot
Pattern Name: Buffalo
Date:  c. 1794
Dimensions:   H 7.5″
Maker: Unknown
Maker’s Mark: Unmarked

This rare, large pearlware teapot was made to order to celebrate an important date for  “William Cruse”. His name and the date 1794 were skillfully painted under the spout.  Probably Staffordshire, brown enamel trim lines to a globular shape with wavy parapet, blue transfer printed decoration with lace diaper banded border and printed in blue underglaze with the Buffalo pattern, also known as Boy on a Buffalo. Floral sprays have also been added to the body and the lid.  Provenance: From the Troy Chappell Collection
Condition: Very good.