Commemorative Tea Set, Worcester Willow

Item Number: T131
Shape Type: Tea Set
Pattern Name: Worcester Willow
Date: c. 1882
Dimensions: Teapot:  H 4.5″
Maker: Royal Worcester Porcelain Factory
Maker’s Mark: PrintedDescription:
A three-piece porcelain tea set printed in gold over a rust-red ground with the Worcester Willow pattern with sterling silver lid, sliver fitted spout and molded and gilded handles. The teapot was awarded to the first prize winner of the 1883 Oxford University Boat Club half mile swimming race. The lid is engraved “O.U.B.C.Swimming Races 1883 1st Prize Half Mile H. S. Salter”. Henry Stuart Salter, the recipient of this award, and subsequent awards in 1884 received his BA Degree from Oxford University in 1886.
The teapot is accompanied by the sucrier 3.25″ and cream jug 3.5″ high. The silver fittings on these pieces are also engraved. The cream jug was awarded to Slater for First Prize in the 1/3-mile race, 1884; and the sucrier was awarded for First Prize for 1/2-mile race, 1884. A letter from Oxford confirming Slater’s attendance and graduation from Oxford is included with this set. Salter, Henry Stuart, 2s. William Charles, of Oxford, cler. St. Alban Hall, matric. 13 June, 1881, aged 17; B.A. from Exeter Coll. 1886, M.A. 1888. (Alumni Oxoniensis (1715-1886) volume 4.djvu/15)
Condition: Very good.